Boko horses will put you in a position to compete at the highest level.

With over 70 horses who earned over 1 million Swedish Crowns and numerous Group-winners all over Europe, Boko Stables established its name and fame in the international harness racing society.

Year in, year out our horses compete at the highest level and participate in all classic races in Sweden and abroad.

In the last 5 years Boko bred horses earned over 100 million Swedish Crown fot their owners.

Be the Best, Buy a Boko


millionair horses


Boko Stables is present at all major auctions in Sweden and Holland. 

Elitauktion 2022

Date: May 27, 2022
Location: Scandic Infra City, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Auction season is over. If your interested in a Boko yearling, foals or broodmare, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our 2022 stallions

In 2022 Chelsea Boko and Yarrah Boko will stand stud in Holland. Both stallions will be available through live breeding.

Chelsea Boko

Yarrah Boko

Why choose a Boko yearling?

Best international maternal bloodlines

At Boko Stables we only invest in the best available maternal bloodlines in the world. Our experience and worldwide network help us to find and purchase these unique bloodlines!

Excellent medical care

From the moment the are born until the moment our yearlings are sold they all get the best medical treatment possible. This assures you that your yearling had the best possible start in life!

Unique upbringing on our farms

Boko yearlings are raised on our farms in Holland and Sweden. They grow up in herds on our meadows that contain all minerals that are so important for a good start in life of your yearling! 

Boko Stables and Covid 19!

The best way to inspect a yearling is to see the horse in it’s own environment between the others horses in his herd!

You are very welcome to visit our Stables to inspect the yearling(s) of your coise. Due to Covid 19 regulations your visit to our stables has to take place under these regulations and always has to be announced upfront.

So please make an appointment for your visit . We will make sure your visit will be safe and we will have all the time needed to give you the attention and information on the yearlings you need.

We hope to see you soon at our Stables.


Be the Best, Buy a Boko

Please contact us for any further questions or information!

    Boko Stables classic winners

    2021 – Lara Boko, Svenskt Trav-Oaks
    2018 – Inti Boko, Svenskt Travkriterium
    2015 – Gareth Boko, Svensk Uppfödningslöpning
    2018 – Arazi Boko, Sweden Cup
    2016 – Dante Boko, Sweden Cup
    2014 – Facile Boko, Breeders Crown 2 är
    2014 – Danae F Boko, Orsi Magnelli Filly
    2012 – Yarrah Boko, Prix du Luxembourg
    2012 – Denim Boko, Svensk Uppfödningslöpning
    2015 – Evin Boko, Derbystoet
    2009 – Zola Boko, Europeiskt Treåringschampionat
    2007 – Virgill Boko, Grand Prix de l’UET
    2015 – Bret Boko, Finlandia Ajo
    2010 – Yield Boko, Europeiskt Femåringschampionat