Think Twice

Think Twice is already mother to Like Me Boko (2018, fily, Muscle Mass), Moriah Boko (2019, filly, Make It Happen) and No Doubt Boko (2020, fily, E L Titan).

Mother Iffy (1.12,4 – Sek. 1.004.000) was a tough racehorse with 106 starts. She is mother to three horses.

Grandmother Undecided (s. Fakir du Vivier) is also mother to a.o. Eller (1.12,9 – Sek. 2.681.925).

Price: €. 3.000,– (VAT excl.)*

* Free foal fee Yarrah Boko Sek. 25.000 (breeding season 2021) included in purchase price

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