Ela Boko

Mother Vala Boko (1.12,2 – Sek. 3.941.997) was an excellent racehorse. She won the E3 Stofinal (GR. I), The Grand Prix du Conseil Municipal (GR III), StoChampionatet, Breeders Crown and was 2nd in the Svenskt Trav-Oaks.

Grandmother Flordalie (FR) is mother to a.o. Wellino Boko (1.11,2 – Sek. 4.229.856), Vala Boko (1.12,2 – Sek. 3.941.997) and Ypsilon Boko (1.13,7 – Sek. 1.841.337).

Price: €. 2.000,– (VAT excl.). The purchase price includes a free foal fee of Yarrah Boko (Sek. 25.000) for a breeding in the 2021 breeding season!

* Foal fee 2021 Royalty For Life, Sek. 40.000 (VAT excl.), to be paid by the buyer!

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